Lunch menu 21. 9. - 25. 9. 2020



Full week offer:Filleted duck breasts with plum sauce and potato croquettes 149,-


Tuesday: Cream mushroom soup with toast 

A. Beef cheeseburger with fresh vegetables and spicy jalapeńo mayonnaise   145,-

B. Fried pork loin with roasted garlic grenaille potatoes

C. Mixture of lettuce and vegetables with cranberry dressing and grilled hermain cheese, baguette  125,-


Wednesday: Tomato soup with basil and pasta 

A. Filleted pork tenderloin with roasted peppers with red onion, baked tortilla and garlic dressing

B. Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with Karlsbad dumplings and cranberries  139,-

C. French potatoes with smoked meat and cucumber salad   119,-


Thursday: Hen broth with meat and vegetables 

A. Baked chicken meat with tomatoes and mozzarella with grilled vegetables and potatoes with basil sauce

B. Beef beer goulash with potato pancakes and onion

C. Pumpkin risotto with bacon chip, parmesan cheese and arugula   119,-


Friday: Dill soup with hard-boiled eggs 

A. Filleted beef flank steak with potato-sweet potato puree, meat sauce and roasted bean pods

B. Roasted pork liver with french fries and tartar sauce

C. Spicy bean salad with vegetables, herbs and chicken noodles   125,-



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