29. 6. – 3. 7. 2020



Full week offer: D. Pork ribs roasted in a beer marinade with toasted bread, mustard, horseradish and pickled vegetables 159, -

Dessert: Pancakes with orange caramel and sweet cottage cheese 49, -


Monday: Broccoli cream with croutons

A. Beef Cheeseburger with fresh vegetables and American mayonnaise, french fries 145, -

B. Pork cubes on mushrooms and wine, steamed rice 125, -

C. Mix of shredded salads with herb dressing and chicken nuggets fried in corn breadcrumbs, baguette 125, -


Tuesday: Garlic soup with smoked meat and cheese, bread croutons

A. Fried cutlet with light potato salad 135, -

B. Dill sauce with fried egg and boiled potatoes 115, -

C. Grilled pork liver, french fries, tartar sauce 125, -


Wednesday: Cream soup with salmon and vegetables

A. Chicken medallions in cheese batter with mashed potatoes with bacon and Viennese onion 127, -

B. Roast neck on garlic with beet cabbage and potato dumplings 127, -

C. Caesar salad with fried bacon and croutons with filleted turkey breast 129, -


Thursday: Chicken broth with meat and noodles

A. Filleted duck breast with cranberry sauce and potato croquettes 139, -

B. Fried chicken leg with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad 127, -

C. Tagliatelle with bolognese sauce with parmesan and arugula 125, -


Friday: Cream of roasted carrots and coconut milk

A. Pork tenderloin medallions baked with blue cheese and roasted potatoes with onion and garlic fried eggs 137, -

B. Hungarian Perkelt with herb couscous 127, -

C. Grilled vegetables with Grenaille potatoes baked with blue feta cheese and basil pesto 129, -



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