Denní menu 10. 2. - 14. 2. 2020



Full week offer: D. Roasted smoked pork ribs in BBQ sauce with pickles vegetables, horseradish and toasted bread 155, -


Monday: Cabbage soup with sausage

A. Mexican Tacos with shredded pork and beans, tomato salsa and sour cream 129, -

B. Roast turkey meat with cream spinach and potato dumplings 127, -

C. Fried oyster mushrooms with mashed potatoes and carrot salad 119, -


Tuesday: Potato soup with porcini mushrooms

A. Mature beef neck steak with potato-batate piré with roasted garlic and meat sauce 137, -

B. Thai turkey curry with jasmine rice 129, -

C. Fried gouda with boiled potatoes, tartar sauce 125, -


Wednesday: Vegetable soup with egg and potatoes

A. Salmon burger with lemon mayonnaise, vegetables and chips 135, -

B. Baked pasta (špecle) with tuřan cabbage and cheese, Viennese onion, lettuce 119, -

C. Pumpkin risotto with filet chicken breast with parmesan and sage 129, -


Thursday: Garlic soup with egg and vegetables, bread crouton

A. Fajitas with grilled pork tenderloin and root mayonnaise 135, -

B. Fallow deer goulash with bacon dumplings and onion 139, -

C. Pea porridge with toasted sausage, fried egg and onion, bread, cucumber 119, -


Friday: Beef broth with liver rice

A. Pork steaks with mashed potatoes with onion and bacon with sweet-spicy sauce 135, -

B. Roasted Buffalo Wings chicken wings with grilled corn, baguette and cheese sauce 127, -

C. Spaghetti with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes, almonds, arugula and parmesan 115, -




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