Denní menu 2. 12. - 6. 12. 2019



Full week offer:D. Dančí goulash thickened with gingerbread with bacon dumplings and onion 149, -


Monday: Pea cream with mint, garlic croutons

A. Hamburger with salmon, fresh vegetables, lemon mayonnaise, French fries 139,

B. Roast pork with mushrooms, potato dumplings 119, -

C. Fair buřt goulash, homemade bread 115, -


Tuesday: Italian Minestrone soup with pasta

A. Duck Konfit with cranberries in potato pancake, beetroot cabbage 145, -

B. Sirloin on cream sauce, Carlsbad dumplings 129, -

C. Fried mushrooms, boiled potatoes with chives 117, -


Wednesday: Goulash soup with smoked pepper

A. Filled tenderlion, Beluga lentils, basil sauce, roasted root vegetables 139, -

B. Beef ragout with vegetables, mashed potatoes 129, -

C. Filled with Cannelloni Spinach and Ricotta Baked with Parmesan Béchamel 115,


Thursday: Kulajda with boiled egg

A. Mexican Tacos with chopped beef, guacamole, tomato-habanero salsa, sour cream 135, -

B. Roasted pork chop in cream potatoes, carrot salad 129, -

C. Salad from boiled beef tongue with onion, mustard and cucumber, greaves bread 119, -


Friday: Pumpkin cream with sour cream

A. Fried beef schnitzels, potatoes, cucumber 135, -

B. Turkey sauté with leeks and mushrooms, wild rice 129, -

C. Lasagne Bolognese 125,-



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