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Lunch menu LIQUID BRED

15.4- 19.4.2019

MONDAY: Broccoli cream with blackberry crouton

a) Minced beefsteaks with fried egg, sweet sauce, fries and small salad 129, -

b) Segedin pork goulash, bread dumplings 119, -

c) Spaghetti with cheese sauce, cherry tomatoes, herbs and chicken noodles, parmesan 117, -


TUESDAY: Chicken broth with meat and noodles

a) Chucktender beef fillet with pepper sauce and baked potatoes with parmesan 139, -

b) Minced schnitzel with cheese,potatoes puree and gherkin 125, -

c) Vegetable moussaka with tzaziki sauce 119, -


WEDNESDAY: Tomato soup with basil and parmesan

a) Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce, Belgian fries and aragula salad 129, -

b) Roast beef,Znojmo style, steamed rice 125, -

c) Mixed lettuce with grilled camembert, baguette and cranberry dressing 119, -


THURSDAY: Pea cream with crouton

a) Pork neck with roasted bear garlic on shallot, baked potato with curd 129, -

b) Roasted lamb shoulder with creamy spinach and potato dumplings 139, -

c) Spaghetti aglio olio peperoncino with Parmesan 109, -


FRIDAY: Closed



DESSERT: Apple-pear strudel with vanilla ice cream 39, -




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