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Lunch menu 17.6.-21.6.2019



MONDAY: Vegetable soup with potatoes

a) Salmon burger with fresh vegetables and guacamole, fries 139, -

b) Fried meatball with mashed potatoes, cucumber salad 125, -

c) Mixture of lettuce with lemon dressing and fried vegetable balls, baguette 115,-


TUESDAY: Beef broth with vegetables and noodles

a) Beef slices of aged beef, grilled vegetables with baked new potatoes 135, -

b) Chicken roll with herb stuffing, jasmine rice 125, -

c) Vegetable moussaka, tzaziki 125, -


WEDNESDAY: Vegetable cream with fried peas

a) Marinated chicken skewers in sour cream and herbs, tabouleh salad 139, -

b) Sirloin in cream sauce, Carlsbad dumpling 125, -

c) Gnocchi with smoked meat and sauerkraut, Viennese onion 117, -


THURSDAY: Garlic soup with crouton bread and cheese

a) Tortilla stuffed with pork tenderloin, roasted pepper and garlic dressing, salad coleslaw 129, -

b) Beef goulash with homemade potato and onion 129, -

c) Linguine with Basil Pesto, Filled Chicken Breast and Parmesan Shavings 125, -


FRIDAY: Kulajda

a) Pork chop with ham and egg, pepper sauce, croquettes 129, -

b) Old Bohemian meatloaf with mashed potatoes, lettuce 125, -

c) Lasagne with spinach and mushrooms, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and arugula, tomato sauce 115, -


DESSERT: Light pineapple cake with fruit jelly 39, -



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